Greg Badger’s Dream

It all began with one man’s dream of owning and operating a store that was more than just a retail space. Greg Badger created Funk Your Fashion, a place where people could come to unwind and find funky treasures, in a fun loving and all welcoming environment. Greg was a dynamic and unstoppable force with giant ambitions. He dreamed of a world where everyone could be themselves, and look/feel fabulous at the same time. He was the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back… and quite often he would do just that. If you needed anything, he would try his best to provide it, whether that be a shirt or shoes, or a shoulder to cry on. Greg loved Loved LOVED fashion. He was well known for his outlandish golf attire both on and off the green, his ability to adapt to styles both old and new, and his passion for providing clothing that is both fun and affordable.

Greg Badger