The Crew


Director & Voice of Reason

Some of you may know me as Katherine, Kitty or the ‘top banana’ as Greg would say. I began working for Funk Your Fashion in 2012 and have managed the store for the last 6 years. You can catch me singing around the store or offering an ear to anyone who needs to talk. My passion for fashion is compelled by my love for self expression through textiles and a drive to discover new ways of reinventing old ideas. I strongly believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. 

When I’m not at Funk, you can find me searching for treasures in second hand stores, exploring nature or on the dance floor. I feel deeply connected to my roots here on the west coast and love to discover all the hidden gems this island has to offer. I’m a music enthusiast, although I’m not musical myself, and am constantly inspired by the artistry that music and performance give rise to. For me, fashion and style are more than just a look, it is a way of telling a story, celebrating culture and connecting to community. It is my dream to help others feel great in their own bodies, minds and souls… and to provide a safe, fun and loving environment that encourages that state of being in a sustainable and Earth friendly way.


Director & Chatter Box

I have been the weekend warrior for Funk Your Fashion for 5 years now and wouldn’t have had it any other way. During my years at Funk I attended Vancouver Island University and completed my Bachelor of Interior Design. A good portion of people probably know me to be very talkative and never shy to spark a conversation about anything. I thoroughly enjoy creating human connections, as it opens my eyes to life lessons and knowledge that I might not get if I didn’t put myself out there. 

I am a creative and entrepreneurial soul, always ready to grasp the next adventure that life hands to me. Inspiration and joy come from many things around me whether that be tangible or intangible objects. I use this to help my community strive to become a more eco-friendly and sustainable world, whether that be through design or fashion. Forever and always looking for new ways to care for Mother Earth!