Consign With Us!

Turn your quality pre-loved designer clothing into cash by consigning with us. Better yet, use your in-store credit towards new-to-you clothes. Remember, life is too short to wear boring clothes!

*DROP OFFS: Paused

Starting an account? Make sure you read through our consignor agreement. If possible, print the consignor agreement, sign it, and hand it in with your drop off.

1.Collect up to 30 of your best items – no items with rips, stains, damage, pet hair, or strong odours.

2.FRESHLY wash your items, including shoes.

3.Fold and put in a plastic bag.

4.Items must be ‘in season’ and accepted brands. Please review the list of brands we do not accept.

We want to see your best items… This gives us an idea of whether or not your items will do well for our demographic. We supply current (in season) and retro/vintage trends. 

*DROP OFFS: Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you previously consigned with Funk Your Fashion? We’ve made a few changes! Before you drop off, if possible, please review, print and sign a copy of our new consignor agreement, to be handed in with your next drop off. If you do not have the ability to do this before you visit us in-store, we will assist you in person. All items previously dropped off within one year have been transferred from Funk Your Fashion to Funk Revival, but we require you to sign our new agreement to show you have read and understood this agreement as we move forward.

Existing clients are asked respect drop off days and are reminded to have all items FRESHLY washed and presorted to remove items with rips, stains or damage, or that do not follow our accepted brands. Drop offs are limited to 20 items per week. This gives everyone an equal chance to get items onto their account. 

The split! Here’s how we do it… After an item sells, you are eligible to receive 30% of the final sale price if you would like to take a cheque/etransfer, or 50% of the final sale price as an in-store credit. You don’t have to decide right now, these options are available for you as your items sell. We do not write cheques/ issue etransfers under $15.

We want to give your items time to shine, so we are offering a 180 day contract starting from the day each item is available for sale.

If an item does not sell within it’s contract limit, it becomes store property. If you would like an unsold item returned, you must request it back BEFORE the 180 day contract is expired. It is your responsibility to contact us and request an item returned BEFORE it’s expiry date. We require a minimum of 3 days notice to collect.

Funk Revival picks the prices. We do our best to offer a price that reflects the brands, conditions and desirability of each individual item.

Do you have an item valued at a higher retail price point? Let us know! We will do our best to research labels in order to find the best price point for our clients and customers, however, if you bring us something special, we want to hear about it!

Old Navy, Joe Fresh, George (Walmart), Ardene’s, Reitmans, Suzy Shier, Urban Planet, Streetwear Society

Garage, Le Château, RW&CO, Gap, Forever 21, H&M

We do not accept socks, underwear, intimates, jewelry, items that are damaged in any way, children’s clothing, perfume

We accept the following items on a limited basis: sunglasses, purses/wallets, footwear, basics (ei plain white t shirts), jewelry, belts and belt buckles, scarves, bathing suits. ALL Items must be in new or next to new condition.

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